Launching the Center

Why does UT Austin need a center?

Undocumented students have the same needs as all students. However, they face increased barriers to meet those needs. Because of this, many of the opportunities are not equitably provided to undocumented students at UT Austin and university staff often do not have the knowledge to adequately support undocumented students.

Undocumented students have to provide additional paperwork and jump through additional hoops in order to:
  • qualify for in-state tuition
  • apply for financial aid
  • prove residency
  • receive or renew student ID
  • register for & drop classes
  • health services
  • funding opportunities
Undocumented students are always or often barred from:
  • federal scholarships
  • state scholarships
  • private scholarships
  • work study positions
  • federal emergency funding (CARES act)
  • fellowships & internships
  • stipends
  • affordable off-campus housing opportunities

For these reasons, the Rooted collective is advocating for equity via a center to provide tailored, specific, responsive resources so that undocumented students have access to the same opportunities as all other students.

UT Austin Undocumented Student Support Center

The mission: To provide a holistic, student-driven center for students who are undocumented, have temporary status, and/or are from mixed-status families to be confident, capable, secure and successful.

The vision: A UT Austin where immigrant students have equitable access to resources, services, and opportunities.

The Center will have

A physical space

Full-time staff

Paid graduate and undergraduate student positions

The Center will foster

Education equity

Professional development

Student wellbeing

Research & Advocacy

Education equity


  • Launch mentorship program with undocumented alumni.
  • Support for student scholarship and funding.
  • Promotion and summer orientation
  • Provide training  for UT administration, staff, faculty.


  • Students feel belonging and ownership.
  • Students are prepared and feel more confident during and after their tenure at UT.
  • Administration, staff, and faculty are better equipped to support students.
Professional development


  • Bring in external speakers and share post-graduate opportunities.
  • Host workshops for students.
  • Create an internship and job opportunities database.


  • Increased post-graduate employment and graduate school opportunities.
  • Students gain skills for post-graduation.
  • Students feel capable in seeking a wider array of post-graduate and professional opportunities.
Student wellbeing


  • Hold groups and provide case management.
  • Collaborate with UT’s Counseling and Mental Health Center.
  • House a library, resource corner, and food pantry.
  • Host group activities, meetings, and community events.


  • Center staff maintain relationships with students.
  • Student voices are prioritized when determining services provided.
Research & Advocacy


  • Have access to numbers and needs of undocumented students.
  • Advocate within UT for requests of undocumented students.


  • Students receive tailored and evidence-based support.
  • Interests and voices of undocumented students are valued and considered in administrative decision-making.

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Founded in 2019 by a group of students and staff at The University of Texas Austin.

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