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Through our personal experiences at UT Austin we have witnessed a lack of awareness and understanding of the undocumented student experience. These focus groups aim to change that.

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Closed: Rooted Survey

In fall of 2021 we launched a survey to gather the experiences of students and alumni. Learn more about the survey below and stay tuned for updates regarding our findings!

Who created the survey

This survey was designed by a collective of immigrant students and alumni from The University of Texas at Austin. Our collective is working toward the creation of a center at UT Austin that supports education equity, professional development, student wellbeing, and advocacy for all students who are undocumented, have temporary status, and/or are from mixed-status families. 

Purpose of the survey

The purpose of this study is to identify factors that may contribute to meeting the academic, social and physiological needs of students and alumni in higher education who are undocumented, have temporary status, and/or are from mixed-status families. Additionally, this study aims to learn more about ways to alleviate these stressors and provide an on-campus support system that reflects the unique needs of these students.

Who should take the survey

Undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni of The University of Texas at Austin who are undocumented, have some form of temporary status, and/or are from a mixed-status family are encouraged to take our survey. You must be at least 18 years old to participate. You will be asked questions about your lived experiences as a student, and this information will be used to inform the development of an on-campus support system to meet the unique needs of this student population. 

Privacy statement

There are no risks to participating in this survey. Your responses are confidential, and no identifying information will be linked to your responses. 


Upon completion of the survey you will have the option of being entered to win a drawing for 1-of-40 $25 electronic gift cards.

Founded in 2019 by a group of students and staff at The University of Texas Austin.

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